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Out and proud

Marco Lehmann Outing




As a gay top
athlete you easily become a good liar.

January, 2021

My outing as the first gay team athlete in Switzerland

There were various circumstances that led to my decision in 2020 to publicly come out as gay.


The most pressing reason was that I suffered a mental breakdown in late 2019. I couldn't keep up the game of hide-and-seek that I had played in sports circles all my life. It was clear to me that if I would pick up a ball again, it would be as an outed athlete.

Encouraged by the outing of Curdin Orlik, I turned to the Tages Anzeiger, who published my story in January 2021.

I was overwhelmed by the media attention which one  my outing was granted worldwide. In retrospect, countless positive reactions confirmed my decision.




I had to take
the decision, either to end my career or to stand by myself and be myself.

My commitment

So that it will be easier for future generations.

Through my engagement in public, I would like to act as a role model for the upcoming generation of athletes. Nobody should have to hide their sexual orientation for fear of the sporting environment. But that is not enough. Awareness needs to be raised - in public, among athletes, in coach training and other areas of young and top-class sport. I would like to make a contribution here.

Media Reports

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